Extended Warranty

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Extended Warranty Application Form

please mail to – [email protected]

  • Hyundai Extended Warranty gives you peace of mind motoring
  • Your car is protected for upto 2 years beyond the 12 month Hyundai New Vehicle Warranty, against all Mechanical and Electrical breakdowns
  • The Warranty removes unexpected and non-budgeted costs
  • It can be transferred and hence increases the resale value of the car
  • This warranty is available for a duration of either 12 months or 24 months, as you prefer, beyond the 12 months standard Hyundai New Vehicle Warranty, and can be bought through us at any time during the first 10 months of your 12 month Hyundai New Vehicle Warranty
  • Avail the special offer by opting to register for this extended warranty at the time of delivery of your new Hyundai Car

For more information please mail to – [email protected]
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